SimBio Returns Policy for SimUText Vouchers

We accept authorized returns from bookstores.  We will provide a full refund for any quantity returned. We are not able to process returns from individuals for SimUText vouchers.

  • Return requests must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the term for which the product was ordered, and not prior to or after this ~2-month window.
  • Original invoices must be paid prior to authorization to return. A refund check will be processed upon receipt of authorized returns.
  • Defective merchandise is eligible for 100% refund when reported within one month of the invoice date.
  • No more than one return per course per term will be authorized.
  • Please Request a Return Authorization.  If you have electronic voucher codes, please include them along with your request.  If you have physical voucher cards, please wait for authorization before sending back material.  See below for further detail.

Physical SimUText Voucher Cards

  • Returned items must be in original packaging with an unbroken seal.
  • Returns shipped to the incorrect address will result in a $25.00 deduction from the requested refund.
  • Ship physical voucher returns to the following address:

SimBiotic Software
1280 South Third Street West
Missoula, MT 59801

Electronic SimUText Voucher Codes

  • Returned voucher codes must be unused and will be disabled before the refund is issued.

PLEASE NOTE: SimUText Vouchers may not be resold for subsequent terms, as the codes expire at the end of the term.

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