What are SimUText Vouchers?

Each SimUText Voucher has a unique code that the student will enter during the online registration in the SimUText System to indicate that they have already paid for the course materials specified by their instructor. We can print the voucher coupon and ship it to the bookstore or we can send it electronically for the bookstore to print out.

Electronic Voucher Codes: Electronic SimUText Voucher Codes are emailed to the bookstore in a .zip file which includes (1) a CSV file with a master list of voucher codes; (2) a PDF with a complete set of print-ready vouchers; and (3) a set of individual PDFs which can be printed or emailed to students.

Physical Voucher Cards: In rare situations, we can provide physical voucher cards where each voucher is printed on a card and packaged in an envelope so it can be sold in a bookstore.  Physical voucher orders will be assessed a $25 fee to cover a portion of our production costs.  Note that when we send electronic vouchers, we provide a PDF which includes all of the voucher codes in a print-ready format so that bookstores can easily produce physical vouchers on site. 

You can submit the Bookstore Order Form to place an order.

Unused Physical Voucher Cards and Electronic Voucher Codes must be returned to us to be deactivated.  See our Returns Policy for more information.

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